Re: 2002 DX Specials

Steve W3HF

One clarification, if I may ask: By Spain, do you mean DXCC
Spain, or political Spain? The difference is EA6, EA8, and EA9,
which are separate for DXCC purposes, but all part of Spain as a
political entity.

Tnx, es 73,
Hmmm....good question. Man, you are on the ball hi! Let's go for
Spain, so Ceuta and Melilla, Canary, etc will all count. I will make a
note of that on the webpage also when I get home tonite from
Some people think I'm always looking for "angles" and loopholes. I
prefer to think of it as clarifying the requirements. Actually, that's
part of my job, writing procurement specs so customers can buy
what they need, and contractors know what's expected of them. It
can be tricky to make sure that both sides interpret the same words
in the same way!

Besides, I'd rather get this clarification decided early, instead of
letting it hang around for a long time, subject to debates, etc.

Thanks for thinking about it. Maybe I'll be the only one who asks
before you formally post the clarification.


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