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I totally agree with Steve's suggestion. I do that also.
I can totally empathize with the problem.
I have the Watch List activated and it's a handy tool.
I've looked very carefully all thru my C: drive for the ACLog Watch List.
I can't find it anywhere!
I just emailed Scott & Kimberly about it's location and I'll post their reply when I get it.

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Dave -

Just a suggestion...when you do figure it out, you could do two things: 

- One is to write it down (on paper) in a place where you could refer to it later if it ever happens again. Your system seems to have a lot of problems--I'm not sure I've heard of too many people having multiple disk crashes and other catastrophic problems. Simply "fixing" it so that it works isn't enough if you don't document what you did to fix it. And documenting it on a computer that crashes means that you wouldn't be able to get to it if your computer crashes again.

- You could also write up the documentation and post it somewhere on the web for reference, both for you and for others. You might even write it up and send it to the 070 reflector, with a unique message name that makes it easy to find on the web site. Then it's not dependent on your computer at all.


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No Bob. Just trying to get the alerts for PODXS members to work with ACLOG. There will be no more questions asked, Sorry to bother the group, My appologies.
Dave NU4N #1657 73's

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