Re: Any Way to Retrieve Logs Sent to Endorsement Checker?


A Huge, Booming Thank You to all who responded.

I am back up and running with all the QSOs I had up until my last upload -- minus a few FT8 contacts.  FT8 just doesn't have a great group like this to offer such fine support.  I only lost July 13 and 14 in the 365 day quest.

My major logbook is all safe and sound and backed up back home. This was only the stuff that was on this refurbished HP that I got just for taking of the road for vacations.  All the stuff from my grid DM17 gridpedition is safely in my main log.

I am now in that laborious process of setting up this work computer -- a spiffy MacBook Pro -- with Boot Camp to run Windows 10 and the dreaded HRD suite.  I just had my first PSK contact there, so I got it all working.  I just forgot how hard it is to set up HRD from scratch.  I'm used to importing all my macros and prefs.

It is nice to have a large, sharp and bright display, though.  So much better that the old HP laptop.  I should've done this instead of the HP.

Thanks again everybody.  You all are the best!

73 Eric KG6MZS

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