Re: Any Way to Retrieve Logs Sent to Endorsement Checker? thought?
Do you have a current LotW that's uploaded?

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Subject: [070Club] Any Way to Retrieve Logs Sent to Endorsement Checker?

Hello 070'ers,

In pursuing the 365 endorsement I brought m radio along on vacation in
North Central New Mexico to try and fill in a bunch of blanks that occur
due to summer vacation.

Here's the rub.  My vintage HP laptop's hard drive went belly up and all
the contacts I made filling in dates have been lost.

Except -- a few days ago I uploaded the PSK log to the PODXS 070
Endorsement checker.  So now I am wondering if there is any way to get
that ADIF file back.  Does anybody know?

Completely off-topic I am otherwise having a lot of fun here in the Land
of Enchantment activating SOTA summits with my KX2. Yesterday I managed
a SSB contact with Eli HA9RE in Hungary with just 12 watts and a
homebrew doublet!  I was on Cerro de los Taoses.  That was a rea kick. 
If you want to read and see more here is my blog entry on it with a cool
drone video of the summit:

TIA and 73


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