Question about Fldigi


Question about Fldigi.
Knowledgeable user's...Is there a pop-up icon feature with Fldigi that recognizes an 070 member when
it prints the members callsign?
I've been using MixW for a L O N G time and that's a big plus for me.
Being fair, on the downside, MixW doesn't interface with ACLog. (To my knowledge.)
Experienced replies about the icon please?
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Subject: Re: [070Club] Finally had Enough of HRD. Need suggestions?

* Steve VA3FLF/KM4FLF via <> [2022-07-13 16:51]:
> So, I need a different program that will run PSK and other digital modes. I
> have a N3FJP account so I can run that as a logger. for my portable rig and
> computer. I know everyone has there favorite but.....what is out there?
> FLdigi? Does N1MM work?

I can give an additional vote for fldigi, but keep in mind it's going to depend
what your requirements are.  It works well for me, but I probably don't use it
the way you do.  It does have the ability to be extended with external
scripting, so if there's a feature it doesn't have natively, you might be able
to write something yourself to plug that hole; but I would start with listing
what HRD does that you use today, and see if you can check off that punch list
while comparing different tools.

David, K9DWR
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