Re: Any APEs for August?

Steve WB3LGC

Yes, I too will be in my shack.  I had started to think about APE, but August is too hot in DE for anything but inside radio.  The heat for FD was bad.  Just packing the 4x4 in the heat and I was shot for the rest of the day.  Maybe an APRIL APE would be better??  Age and heat don't seem to mix for me. 

6m has been active with FT8, has anyone been on PSK?

When I see the APE dates for 2022 (I see they should be on the web), I will add them to my calendar.  At least the SHACK is not too warm. 

73, steve WB3LGC #2814

On 7/6/22 09:32, Rick - N7WE wrote:

Some of us are stuck in our shacks and will be looking for APEs as our way to share in the fun. 

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