Re: Field Day macros, logging

Mike W4BZM

Chris, good list.  I’m still new at this game, and learning (aren’t we all?), so I appreciate constructive inputs like yours.

I’d suggest that the “My Info” macro read:  “<CALL> XXX XXX XXXX XXXX kn”.  Several stations may have answered the CQ call and they need to know which one you are replying to (and logging), preferably before the sign off message.  And the “pse copy” seems extraneous since the calling station is expecting that info anyway.

I also like that your Sign macro ends in “73” rather than in “73 QRZ”.  It irks me when a station ends a QSO with “73 QRZ”, in effect saying “I’m done with you, who is next?” without giving me the chance to give my 73 call at the end of the communication per FCC regs.  So my Sign macro for contests and Field Day just reads “<CALL> TU <MYCALL> 73”.  

You’re right about using multiple versions of macro in Fldigi.  I’m not familiar with HRD or other programs, but I imagine they have similar capabilities.

But, in the end, to each his/her own.  Most important:  Let’s have fun with Field Day!

73 Mike W4BZM 
PODXS #2653  LONP #433

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