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Gil, I think ur suggestion for FD macro's to be the most helpful suggested thus far by anyone.
Thanks for contributing to the groiup.
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Subject: [070Club] Field Day macros, logging

I have been following the thread and found the suggestions and information very useful.

Our club (WA1USA) will be running 2F for Field Day. We do operate SSB, CW and most of the digital modes. We also use N3FJP's amazing Field Day Log software coupled to the FLDigi suite of programs. This partnership has worked perfectly for us for 6-7 years now and it was quite easy to set up. As for our macros, they are just the basic CQ, Answer CQ, our INFO, Tnx/73 and QRZ? . I think its a matter of operator choice for the macros but we have found, especially on FD, that short and sweet works best.

We hope to work many PSK31 QSO's this year!

OK, thats my 2 cents back to lurkingĀ  ;)

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