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Ray Clements

That may well be your opinion.

I have been using HRD for years and find it to be very useful. Although HRD does not require me to pay the annual fee, I do so. I completely disagree with your contention that it is a rip off. 

I have friends who highly recommend DXLab software, which is free, but it is the work of a single individual. I find HRD to be much better integrated than DXLabs, but that is my opinion. 

The recent upgrade to HRD may have been released prematurely, but in an effort to release new features, there are a few bugs to be worked out. The professional programmers on staff will resolve them in time.

Ray N9RWC 

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HRD is a rip off software 

On Jun 16, 2022, at 12:55 PM, Buz Johnson <> wrote:


You might check out W4ELP’s program on his site.  He has a fantastic add on program to HRD and has a solution to the right click issue for the latest HRD problem.  If I can help just give a shout.

Best 73,

Buz, WA5AMM 

On Jun 16, 2022, at 12:03 PM, Bill Williams <bill.ag4qx@...> wrote:


Well I guess I am out of options so I will take you up on your offer.  I will try  I loaded the old version they are offering on the website. 6,7,0,391 onto a new harddrive installed on my go kit laptop.  It has the right click problem.  I tried  loading it onto my main machine but it was totally screwed up.  I had already uninstalled HRD and deleted everything I could find but the logbook problem and right click problem and the registration problem all showed up again.  I guess I haven't found all the files yet to delete.  You have taught me to keep a copy of the last working version stored away..  You would think HRD would put a working old version available on the website and say something on all the marketing emails they send out.


On Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 5:42 PM Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:
Fortunately, I had archived the old setup files of the previous versions before I downloaded the latest.  I believe HRD takes down the old version whenever they upload a new one and you can't get back from their website.  Might be wrong, and someone else may know better.  But that is what worked for me. 

I helped Buz WA5AMM do a revert a little while ago.  Some of those old versions probably won't work as there were different MS files (some of which are no longer available) that had to load.  Then too, HRD changed their product key methodology and I don't know if the current key will work on the old versions.  I know it does for Ver as that is what I'm currently running on a Win 7 machine.  I can send you the setup file for it if it helps.  Also Ver, but I don't use.  Let me know if you want one or the other.

Rick - N7WE
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de, WA5AMM, Buz

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