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Steve W3HF

Dick -

Didn't get to reply to this promptly. I need FN56 and FN65 in Maine.


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Grids I still need in Maine, if you get that way:
           FN45, FN55, and FN56.

As to only 4 grids left unworked, there are several in the worked 1 - 5 category that are dubious.  If it was reported by the Progress Checker, I did not remove it.  The exception was stations outside the USA which don't count towards 070 grids (and there are tons of Canadian stations that fall in the grids along the border).  Those were deleted from the count. 

I think anything 0 thru 20 are grids that will create a pileup and would be greatly appreciated.  And there are some sure winners in Maine.  
times worked143866108178

Safe travels, and I hope gas prices soon turn lower...much lower... and you and Kathy can activate some of those least worked grids out West.

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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