Chimp Chase Report - N7WE

Rick - N7WE

My setup was on our screened lanai (Florida bugs) with ceiling fans (Florida heat and humidity) using my K3, Bioenno 12 Ah battery for power, to a temporary 53' inverted L.  The internal tuner in the K3 would tune it to all bands except 80m so it was good to go for the WARC-CRAWL as well as the Chimp Chase. 

Got on at 0000 Saturday (Friday evening in Florida) and made contacts on 30, 20, and 17.  Saturday morning to about 4 PM local was much more difficult.  It was more like a switch turning off than QSB!  Only contacts were on 30 and 20.  About 4 PM the heat and humidity won and I had to move everything back into the shack and switched to my permanent vertical.  End of Chimp status - I had 11 Qs but no 12m at that point.  
Sunday was grim again.  The bands were just as flaky but at least I was back in the AC.  I did finally manage a couple of Q's on 12m to get the WARC-CRAWL in the log.  Total of 19 Qs for the DAZE.

I was really pleased to see the level of activity and support for Endorsement Daze #6 - from coast to coast!  I was good to see the west coast and the Pacific North West.  I worked several.  I saw one DX calling CQ Daze, although I couldn't work them.  And lots of newer members for LONP points !  Thanks to all who participated.  You made my weekend!

The two attached pics are of my Chimp setup on the lanai and the temporary Inverted L.  The owl on the top of the pole is permanent to prevent SOR mode (Squirrels on roof).  It doesn't work!
Rick - N7WE
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