Chimp Chase report from this weekend


Here's my Chimp Chase report for this weekend. 
Saturday I got my gear together and set up on a hill a little way from my house. I started with a 20m vertical and got one strong report from Texas. After that the band just seemed to die. I put up my linked dipole and nothing changed. So after listening to noise and calling cq for several hours in the growing heat of the day I packed up and went back home at about 2pm. I listened from the shack off and on and never really heard anything. 
Sunday I wasn't really planning on doing anything since the bands were so bad the day before. However I turned on my rig in the shack and there were some strong tracks on the waterfall! So this time I hauled everything to the back yard, under a nice large shade tree. I put up the linked dipole and my first contact was on 17m. I had to switch to my ft-891 for more power, and so I did eventually make 5 contacts. 

Here's a picture from sunday.

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