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All, but especially Steve, W3HF,

This evening, I heard N3EQK, Ron, check into the 3905
Century Club Psk net from his Delaware QTH. He was
plenty workable from California, but did not return calls
later in the rotation. Might be worth contacting him via
e-mail and arranging a sked.

73 de Bill

Hi Ernie,
Clarence's E-Mail is: AHNAN@HAWAIIAN.NET
Gud luck on 80...
Lenny K2LAM

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Hi Lenny,
Uhmm! I wonder ..... I need HI on 80 meters for my 5BWAS. Not
sure if my
system is good enough since I am barefoot into a G5RV on 80. Now
with PSK I
might stand a chance. Can you give me KH7P email address? 73 Ernie

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Hi Gang,
Tnx for all the replys and E-Mails. I just wanted to let you know
that I received a nice E-Mail from Clarence KH7P in Hawaii who
he's often on PSK-31 and on 20MTRS around 23:00. He's offered to
and hook up with me next week. SO, anyone who wants to join in is
more than welcome. Also, tnx for all the info on the Delaware
stations too. I'm probably too close, but you never know. I
waited a
long time for VT, & MA then all of a sudden they were both there.
73 gang and Happy Holidays,
CU on 20mtrs with HAwaii.
Lenny K2LAM

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