DX-peditions, Grid Squares Chasing


There's 4 DX-peditions going on right now!
TX5N in the Austral Islands,
JW0X on Svalbard Island,
VK9DX on Norfolk Island,
KC3EF on the road!
The SFI is 135, A=12. K=2.
It just doesn't get any better!
( : - )
LONP #76

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Wow Eric!  Did you see the posting for Endorsement Daze #6 - May 14 & 15?  WARC-Crawl and Chimp Chase!  If you can make your Gridpedition coincide with it you should get lots of action.  Glad to see you got Dick - KC3EF in the log.  This grid stuff is fun, fun, fun, but Oh So Challenging!  Whatever date you make it happen, I'll be looking for you and DM17.  73,
Rick - N7WE
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