FT8 Z22O operation on 14.070

David Godden

Greetings Fellow afectionados of PSK

In case you have not noticed all the FT8 crap on 14.070, this is due to a DX station Z22O parking there.

Really what has the world come to with encroachment of FT8 onto PSK main frequencies.

DL7BO and DJ6TF will be active as Z22O and Z21A from Zimbabwe, 3 - 20 February 2022.


But why are they on 14.070 FT8 running a pileup. AS a PSK organization we MUST notify these people to find a different

Frequency for their DX-pedition to Zimbabwe. I suggest we all get on 20 meters and get in there and make QSOs
use it or loose it is the name of the game here folks.


OK end of rant. Ye All have a nice day


73 de KK6M


David “Roy” Godden

PODXS 070-2883

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