Re: JoAnn - ACLog Alerts?

David Tucker

On no Milt. No problem. It's just I had it working and one time and forgot how I did it Hi Hi.

Thanks Dave

On 2/13/2022 3:16 PM, N6MG - Milt. via wrote:
I sure don't want to be abrupt, or sound rude, but I've been following this thread.
May I suggest you send Scott, N3FJP and his YL, Kimberly an email asking him/her about it?
They're the Priest & Priestess of ACLog.
I've known them since 2004, and even though there's a User's Group, they've always been courteous and
helped. I have the "Watch List" populated with the 070 Club members and it performs perfectly.
N3FJP - Scott & Kimberly = snkdavis@...
Just sayin'...
LONP #76

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Ok I copied the watch list file to users and to ACLOG , both areas. But still don't see the watch list when I start ACLOG.
Any thoughts?
Dave NU4N #1657 73's
Tnx 73's de NU4N Dave

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