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Stephen Melachrinos <melachri@...>

Dave -

Go to the Memberships Endorsements page on the web site.

In the middle of the page, in-line with the text, click on the link to  Endorsement Overflow Page

(Actually, you may be able to click those words in the email above, if preserves the link.)

That takes you to a page on the web site that is still working. Select your callsign from the drop-down and you can download a PDF "overflow" page.


P.S. Since this apparently pulls from the membership list, it likely doesn't work for our >2786 members (the ones for whom we have special LONP procedures).

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Got my stickers today except for Field Day. I must have not entered it in. Thanks guys for all the hard work and effort.
Dave NU4N #1657 73's

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