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Lee -

I think the issue is that our current system, although functional, is more fragile right now than our old system used to be (when it still worked). And no one wants their entry to be DQed.

The fact of the matter is that David's current system needs some manual effort to set up for each contest, it's actually pretty good about finding what it needs to score a contest, even if it's in the "wrong" field. Furthermore, David also does a manual quality check on any entry that is strange, like an unusually small number of multipliers for the number of QSOs. And he reaches out to the applicant to correct the entry.

That said, I think I just answered the original question--entrants can put YL or OM in any (reasonable) field and the checker will find it. Usually that would be a comment, or SRC. But David will find it.


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Is it just me or do we have a bunch of folks that seem to be overly concerned about contest reporting?  For years now I have just put everything that didn't go anywhere else into the Comments section and all has turned out well. The contest scorer can pull the stuff it needs and ignore everything else.

The most important thing is that you have fun participating.  If you overly worry about the log you'll miss out on what is really important.



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