Re: Contest Exchanges and Options


Hi Bob...It's not required to be put anywhere. 
Dealers choice as to where it goes, as it's not a scoring requirement.
Strictly an option in your log & exchange to assist with your LONP chase.
Thanks for helping us think this thru & your participation in the LONP program.
Similarly, we have an operating event on the drawing board that will involve a 
members 070 number in the exchange. 
More to follow on that as it develops in the "PODXS 070 Club Think Tank". :-)
On a different subject, can you hit the 2m Catalina repeater at 147.090 (-), no tone?
LONP #76
Director LONP & Contests (2 Hats)

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Just a little clarification.  What ADIF field will the POXDS number go into?  Or does it matter?


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