Re: FT8 invasion

George Weller

I do a lot of FT8 on 20m and have never seen this.  wsjt-x doesn't prevent you operating outside the default sub-band, but in order to make such a thing useful, a bunch of folks would have to agree on a different sub-band.  Looks like that happened here.  Did anyone tune in to see the call signs?

It is true that the default sub-band can get pretty crowded at times, and it can be hard to find a slot that's not too busy, so we can expect more of this... it might help if we knew who it was and could ask them to find another sandbox.

73, George KD9PCN  #2879

On 2/4/2022 1:35 PM, John - KC3FL via wrote:

This is the waterfall at 1:30 in the afternoon.  All Zombie mode, no PSK.  Need more PSK activity so we don't loose our place.


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