Endorsements for January 2022


25 Stations sent requests for 87 endorsements in the month of January.  Out of 87 requests only 21 were for new endorsements.  The remaining 66 requests were requests for endorsements already awarded.  4 members resubmitted twice and two members resubmitted three times.  It is not the end of the world however it creates a lot of unnecessary research at my end.    When the submit button is selected, an email containing the request is created and sent to me.  The checker stops working at that point and humans take over the process.  When I receive the email I verify the date of the contact that makes the endorsement eligible and then enter it into a spread sheet.  That sheet is periodically sent to Jim who takes the final step and awards the endorsement.  I enter the duplicate request just in case I missed something and  it's not a duplicate submission however that creates a much larger excel sheet and makes accuracy more difficult.  It will take a while for the award to turn green so please be patient.  If you are in doubt that the request has gone thru, feel free to email me at kc3fl@....

John   KC3FL
Award Submission and Validation Director

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