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Jim K5SP

David, the checker will work fine for numbers >2787, except for the LONP awards. 

The checker doing the LONP requires access to a Google Spreadsheet that contains all member information.  For every submission, it would go and check the sheet to see if any changes had been made, and if so, built a new file to compare the logs against.  The link to the spreadsheet no longer works due to Google deprecating the API, and us not having access to the source code to fix it.  Therefore, it cannot build a new file, and retains the one that it had previously built and uses it to compare logs.  We quickly learned that the API quit working at #2786, and that is why anyone with a >2786 member number does not get recognized for LONP purposes.   It also means that those of us that have contacts with members >2786 have to submit to N6MG for confirmation and credit. 

There is a new endorsement checker in progress, but, it is a tremendously huge program, (to allow for checking for ALL endorsements), and is being done by a volunteer in his spare time, while juggling, work, family, and pursuit of a masters degree.

It is a very slow process.

Jim K5SP

On 1/26/2022 12:20 PM, David Godden wrote:

Thank you for your note

I have a question:
For those that have numbers greater than 2787 can we just submit our logs and have the endorsements counted??

Frankly the alternative method is extremely arduous difficult time consuming and very frustrating. Please advise

David “Roy” Godden
PODXS 070-2883

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 10:14 John - KC3FL via <> wrote:

While reviewing the logs uploaded to the Award Checker, I've noticed a number of members that appear to have not uploaded their log since their initial 50 contacts.  It's not a requirement to upload the log periodically however to receive endorsements it is necessary.  If you're not chasing endorsements, you might want to give it a try, chasing endorsements is a lot of fun.  Remember when uploading your logs make sure you upload the entire log, even the ones you have already uploaded. 

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