Re: Winter Field Day

Lee McDaniel WB4QOJ

I'll be there.

((( 73 ))) Lee WB4QOJ
 070 # 2857


“The work of volunteer groups throughout our country represents the very heart and soul of America. They have helped make this the most compassionate, generous, and humane society that ever existed on the face of this earth.”

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On Mon, Jan 24, 2022, 11:47 AM Steve WB3LGC <email@...> wrote:

My Plan is to operate WFD from BSA Camp Rodney in North East, MD as I am one of a group of Campmasters at Camp next weekend.
I will not be on the full 24Hr as I will need to pack up soon after 1200z.
I will be operating from a cabin, but have not (yet) determined my class.
As I read the rules,  "inside a remote, insulated, heated and weather-protected structure" ... 
"insulated" seems to be emphasized elsewhere (my 100 year old home is not "insulated" and until this morning, heat was an issue).   
Since I don't have all four, I "guess" I am OUTDOOR. 

I will be QRP with a long wire antenna. 
I will operate PSK, JS8call, and some SSB.
I may have scouts looking for a Radio Scouting demo. 

Since I will be QRP;  look for NR3I #2878  aka Steve WB3LGC #2814

On 1/23/22 22:49, N9JCA Chris wrote:
Is anyone Planning on operating Winter Field Day

Jan 29 - 30  1900 thru 1900  ( 24 hrs )

I will be Operating Winter Field Day

as N9JCA 1H IN  Hope to see you all on the Waterfall

Chris N9JCA PODXS #797 LONP #165


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