Re: Need input on FLDIGI

Bob Motyl KK6KMU


The short answer is not that I know of.  I have been using FLDIGI for four years.  The software is well maintained and constantly being updated.  It was not easy for me to configure but that is just me.  I was using FLDIG with DXKeeper a logging program.  There was a gateway that made this setup work flawlessly.  When I upgraded to Windows 10 the gateway didn't work for me.  I hear it did work for some.  The gateway was going to be rewritten but I couldn't wait so I bought ACLog.  ACLog integrates pretty well with FLDIGI.  It has a watchlist which can be configured to alert you with a pop up window.  I have mine setup to alert me for PODXS members.

I hope that helps.


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