Need input on FLDIGI

Rick - N7WE

I am in the process of abandoning HRD and switching to FLDIGI - which in over 17 years on PSK31 I've never used.  I see it has an audio alert function for selected callsigns.  But does it also have a visual alert?  One of the features I really used in HRD (but can no longer get to work) was the ability to use HRD Alarms to tailor SuperSweeper display to show different colors (two-tiered - background and text) for selected callsigns.  Made it great to separate members from non-members, members worked from not worked, and LONP from non-LONP.  Can you do something similar in FLDIGI?  All input is greatly appreciated and I'm sure I'll be back for more help.  Tnx,
Rick - N7WE
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