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We are going to do the Christmas Run again this year. (I apologize for the late announcement.) Rules are the same as last year:

- Make 25 PSK31 QSOs on 25 December 202(0000z to 2359z) on any HF band (160m through 6m) to claim the "2021 Christmas Run" version.
- Make one QSO per station per band. That means the same station on another band is a second QSO, but a second QSO on the same band is a dupe.
- No required exchange, though perhaps Christmas greetings would be appropriate.
I will again manually check your submitted log and confirm your award. (Stickers will be issued with the regular mailings.)
- To enable manual review, please
     - Extract only PSK31 QSOs from 25 December 2021 
     - Extract only the date/time/callsign/frequency/mode fields
     - Export to a text file (.txt or .prn) or a .csv. (Definitely not an ADIF)
     - Submissions that don't follow these instructions may be rejected 
Save your log file to a convenient folder and include your CALL in the file name.

Then - Send your log extract to w3hf@... by 1 January 2022.

DO NOT submit your log to the Endorsement Checker

- To help others, we encourage members to share (on the email reflector) the steps for how to accomplish a log extract like this for various logging programs.

Wishing you good luck and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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