365 Need Dates – December/January

stan W9SMR

Wow!! It is amazing how the enthusiasm continues to grab that 365/366 Endorsement. It is a tough one, only 59 members have done it.

Congrats, to our latest successful members !!

Congrats to Ruud, PA3EEG, grabbed his only need date, November 11.

So far in 2021, Dave, KB3RAN, Alan, KA5VZG, Geary, KE5IRK; Mary, KC4TIE; Dave, VE7BGD, John, KG5OIB and Ruud, PA3EEG have completed the challenge.

And be on the lookout for Yuri, R6KEE who needs only December 15.

Good job Bob, KK6KMU, who picked off 2 needed dates in October. Harry, K9HW grabbed his 3 needed dates. Bob, KF3AA grabbed his 5 needed dates. Steve, VA3FLF picked up 4 November dates. Continuing the quest is Joe, K3YES who now needs only 25 dates after grabbing 18 dates in November. Again, a special note of encouragement to Bob, K4VBM who, although he needed over 200 dates, has been valiantly picking up every needed day in July, August, September, October and November. He still needs 146 including 27 in December and 23 in January, but I know he will finish it off. He is on a rampage!

In the table below, I have shown December and January need dates for those members needing fewer than 60 days total. These are the folks really getting close. Be sure to look for them.


I will publish this table periodically as the time approaches. Best of luck and good Propagation to boot! Please verify your own need dates as I may have missed some.

To see what dates you need, upload your full log and check the "Online Endorsement Checker". In the "In Progress" section, click on "Target" for the 360 category and a list of needed dates will show. If you have a problem seeing that, please just let me know.


A helpful hint from Alan, KA5VZG is to check each day around 2345Z and hang around until after 0000Z to see if you can pick up two days. Be sure to call CQ 365 to make your needs known.

The new 365 Chat that KB3RAN set up should be a big help in coordinating. For the 365 Chat, follow this link: 365 Chat Group





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