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JoAnn Donaldson

   Have you looked at the Flex 6600/M?  Dual receivers. Three (3) instances per receiver. Two (2) External Ports for Transvers. The M Model gives you a front panel Screen and knobs and switches and buttons. Built in Speaker. You can route RX1 to Left ear and RX2 to Right ear.
Just my two cents worth.


P.S. My wife TOLD me that the Flex was my LAST Radio. I still have my FT-1000MP that I gought in 2000.

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Good question.
There's more filtering options on the MP model, than the D model.
The speaker/power supply comes with the MP model.
Yip, double the RF out on the MP, nice, but not a determining factor.
Those Sherwood ratings on the MP are impressive.
I really haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm leaning towards the MP.
The critical path is still: Aerial --> Feed Line --> Receiver.
That's where I am. No game face yet, but I'm getting there.
And now, Jim tells me I have to get 2...I'll get right on that! :-)

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What is the difference with the FTDX-101D?  Is one 100 watts and the other 200 watts?  Sherwood ratings has it in first place.  I hear the interface takes a little getting use to.  


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