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JoAnn Donaldson

The Triple Play Rules clearly state.

EXCHANGE:  State/Province/Country (SPC).  Call "CQ Ø7Ø Sprint".


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JoAnn and Mike...
Thanks for your input.
The actual contest rules don't say anything about how you can phrase your actual CQ call.
Official rules:
The contest announcement is only a suggestion as to how you can do it.
I add to my CQ macro, "any station anywhere". 
My thought is to use my CQ macro to invite responses from non-members.
What you do is up to you totally.
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A couple of months ago, I was rag chewing on PSK with a station. Mentioned the 070 Club, where to find info, and that we have contest and awards. Ran into him a few days ago and he told me he had just got his 070 Number. I congratulated him and told him about the contest. I just happen to work him durn the contest and was glad to see another ham join our ranks. BTW he was call "CQ 070 SPRINT", which is what the Website rules for the contest said to use. Not sure why Igor used a different CQ call but I didn't stop me from working him and then going on to other stations. I too made contact with hams that were not contesting. After exchanging Name, QTH, RST and such, I added them to my contest log. Hopefully those Hams will look up the 070 Club and join our ranks.


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I had a similar encounter with Igor.  I dared to ask him why he was using “PODXC de W0IZ”  to call CQ — certainly a non-standard call that we were supposed to figure out meant “CQ 070 Sprint” as called for in the contest instructions.  Got a stern rebuke that questions should be handled over the Internet, not over the air.  Of course, when you look up his call on, you don’t find any e-mail address — only a diatribe on the “right way” (his way) to participate in a contest if you’re not part of the “predominantly experienced older crowd” using RTTY.

I hope Igor’s attitude hasn’t driven off other PSK-31 operators.  I, for one, enjoy the more laid-back, “have fun” attitude of our PODXS members during contests.  And a couple times, I broke out of contest mode to chew the rag with folks who were new to the mode or had never heard of PODXS 070.  There are more important things in life than racking up contest points.  Let’s all remember the parts of the Amateur Radio Code of Conduct which states the amateur is CONSIDERATE  and FRIENDLY.

Mike W4BZM

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