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Ken -

Since I have a Kenwood I followed the link (for future reference). Looks like we will both have to find someone else. Top of the web page says:

After 40 years of servicing ICOM equipment, it is time for me to retire.
I appreciate the trust and acceptance for so many Amateur Radio owners to allow me to service their radio's over the years, Thank you.
You will not find contact information on this website, as I am not accepting any new customers.
I will be working to complete and finish all projects currently in the shop over the next several months."


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GM Buz,

Looks like you’ve probably already sent your radio in for repair, but I’ll offer this suggestion for your consideration if you need repair service in the future. I’ve been VERY happy with Scott Malcolm of Malcom Technical Support and have sent several icom radios to him for repair over the years. He also does Kenwoods.

His work is excellent, his prices are more than fair, and he usually had a good turnaround time. I HIGHLY recommend him!

All the best,
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