Re: Triple Play 160m last night


One Q for 160m.
KO4EJD, Darin, AZ, and I inconvenienced several billion electrons through the ether waves to make a contact, then, nothing but white noise.
The crowbar circuitry in my radio is still mad at me over that. 
My operating time was limited so after seeing nothing...nada...zilch on 40m, I started on 80m. It was only slightly better there.
So, it's got no place to go other than to up!
SFI is 83. Geesch!

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I was on 160 for awhile after RTTY drove me off 80. Saw nothing, and called cq for quite awhile with no response. 

Will try again tonight. Listen for me, I don't know if anyone can hear me at all.

Jim K5SP 

On Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 9:45 AM, Rick - N7WE
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Was there anything happening on 160m last night?  I read  the chat from last night but didn't see much about 160.  I don't have a 160m antenna, but if there was some activity I might try to jury rig something up this afternoon.  Cool day here in Florida - a blessed relief!
Rick - N7WE
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