Re: Sprint reply correction

Buz Johnson

I finally got back on the air at 00:28 after being off because of a lightning strike two days before the last contest.  I gave up on my TS590SG getting it working and will have to send it in to Kenwood for Major repairs.  It appears the com chip is blown and hopefully it didn’t get into the CPU.  It will be 5-6 weeks before I get it back.  So I turned to my old TS440AT and got it going just at contest time.  I also lost due to lightning strike 2 computers and SignaLink, plus my a/c control board.  I ordered a new RigBlaster DXPro and it took a week of service calls before I could get it to play nice with my computer.  Adjusting the ALC is difficult on the ol 440 and it keeping it cool requires a additional outboard fan, but it was great to be back.  I made contacts on all three bands.  See you guys tonight.

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