Re: Triple Play Low Band Sprint – Chat


No Sir...get search & pounce, or just call CQ...
My macro is long for Cq'ing, but I want to give non-members an invitation to respond also.

helloooo cq cq cq de n6mg n6mg..any station anywhere...TRIPLE PLAY n6mg n6mg k

de Milt.
LONP #76
Director, Contests & LONP

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Is a "sprint" contest where you surrender the frequency and move to another after making a contact?


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I'll be on the Triple Play Sprint chat during the Sprint.  Hope to see others on there as well. 
FYI Out here in Yuma AZ, 160m is opening up around 0100 and closes between 0530-0600.  I'd like to get those 160m contacts in the log early. 
I'll be using a 203' long wire sloper and a 30' vertical.  Good luck to everyone. 

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