Triple Play Low Band Sprint – Heads Up

stan W9SMR

The Ø7Ø Club TRIPLE PLAY LOW BAND SPRINT is just 1 week away –


Saturday, November 13 - 0000 UTC


Monday, November 15 - 2359 UTC

Sprint Rules – This is a 3 day event. Work a 6 hour block each UTC Date. For Scoring, your 6 hour block will start with the hour you select on the Scoring page and continue for the next 6 hours. You may have only one “Block” or “Block Portion” on a given date.


Work each station once per band during the contest. (Same station, same band, different day is a dupe!)


Open to all licensed radio amateurs. Using 40M, 80M and 160M.

For Rules and detailsClick Here Triple Play Rules


Frequencies: - 1.807 / 1.838 MHz (Europe). 3.580, 7.070 / 7.040 / 7.035 (Europe) MHz

4 Power Categories

QRP < 5 W
Low < 25 W
Medium < 50 W
High < 100 W

  State/Province/Country (SPC)    eg: “W9SMR  FL”

Call: “CQ 070 Sprint”

All entry logs
 must be received within 1 week after the event ends. Upload at Uploader Link shown in rules.

This event will again test your ingenuity and stealthy antenna talents. But with 3 bands to choose from, you can optimize your luck with propagation.

And it will again be worth pursuing, in order to grab that Top Band Endorsement Sticker with 20 QSOS on 160M. Only 44 of our 2,800 members have earned the Top Band Sticker.


And 160M QSOs count as 3 points each.


This is one of our most popular contests. Last year, 45 logs were submitted. Let’s see if we can beat that turnout. 



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director


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