Re: KC3EF October Road Trip Update

Richard Rohrer

Well the last two days have been pretty good for most grid hunters.  Sorry I missed a couple of people.  Worked a bunch of people on Tuesday before the swr went to infinity and beyond.  Never could find what caused it.  Today started out having a problem with the computer, could not seem to decode anything and found that MacAfee virus protection was using almost 100% of the cpu.  Stopped the program and everything went back to normal.  Worked most the people I knew needed the grids, but I know I missed a couple.  Kathy and I have seen a lot of rural OK, TX, NM and AZ so far on this trip.  Now on to the bright lights of Las Vegas.  Should be going thru DM33, DM32, DM22, DM23, DM24, DM25, and DM26.  Will be hitting DM27 on Friday.

Kathy and I have been having fun trying to activate the grids and are planning several trips for next year if work permits. 

Dick - KC3EF 

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