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That makes sense. I guess I shouldn't have been as specific about ground planes as I was, but your details are consistent with the thought: most antenna mounts on mobile vehicles will favor some directions and dis-favor others, due to the interactions between the antenna and the body of the vehicle, and the unique placement of the antenna.

Maybe we need to suggest that Kathy find a parking lot and drive in circles and let Dick stop her when there is maximum signal strength for each QSO. Only problem is that will delay their travels. (just kidding about the suggestion)


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At the risk of speaking for Dick while he is in transit, here's a bit of info about his mount.  At least this is the way it was when we had lunch a couple of years ago.  The vehicle is a van and the antenna base (ham stick) is at about the midline of the van, on the driver's side rear.  I think he used a FireStik SS204 mount placed under the tail light assembly with the 3/8-S0239 nub about a half inch in the clear.  Given the 48" length of the lower half of the helical wound Ham Stick, about half of it is above the roofline.  Of course, the whip is well clear.  I think probably what impacts the pattern more than anything is the location of the antenna to the rear of the vehicle and the counterpoise from the van body being offset as opposed to centered.  That would explain the signal strength based on vehicle orientation.  My thoughts anyway.  I was too dumb to ever figure out a mobile mounting so just went with /P during my travels - magmount Ham Stick in the center of the vehicle roof.
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