Re: JOTA Spot

Michael KE0CEN

  Our sincerest thanks for taking the time to make contacts with the scouts and posting here,  we very much appreciate it!  We had about 5-6 scouts make contacts on PSK-31 (our only digital mode) and another 5+ make SSB contacts. The COVID pandemic has hit scouting hard (at least in our local area, we are down about 50%)  and this JOTA was important to give them something new and exciting to try.

  Thanks also to anyone else on here (KC3FL for sure) that made or tried to make contacts with us, we had the best JOTA ever with many very nice long conversations between the scouts and the operators over a 4-5 hour period! PSK-31 is where it is at!!

-Michael (KE0CEN) operating the Mount Vernon Troop 40 ARC station  WN0BSA.

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