Re: IEEE Future of Ham Radio

Jerry N9AVY

Been sick since Friday night and just now catching up on almost 100 emails I found in Inbox.

The IEEE article wasn't clickable (slight inconvenience), but my local club has the same article only all I had to do was click on URL and was able to read it.  Seems like it was just a rehash of past articles which appeared elsewhere over the past few years from various sources.

Noticed comment about Antennas vs. HOAs.  WE should know that the lobby organization which represents the HOAs in a whole bunch bigger than ARRL; so, they might have more clout with the ears of those who make rules (money talks).

They also numbered ARRL membership at 160,000 which seems like a higher number than I last heard which was around 152,000. Look at SK list in QST and I think that may account for some of loses; especially when it was running almost 2 whole pages. It saddens me to see so many SK, many which I have worked over the years.

I might suggest that the article be taken with a grain of salt because no one really knows what the future will bring.  

Just my 2 cents worth ...

Jerry  n9avy

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, 04:15:05 PM CDT, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

Interesting article.
Jim,  K5SP #483
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