Re: IEEE Future of Ham Radio

Bob Motyl KK6KMU


I appreciate the link.  I read the article but failed to find any reference to antenna restrictions as one of the reasons that there is a lack of new Amateur radio operators.  A growing number of young people in this country live in some kind of dwelling that has CCRs that restrict outside antennas.  It would be nice to read an article on why the Amateur Radio Parity Act was never passed.  From my perspective we will never see antenna restrictions go away.  Its been some time since I've even seen this topic even mentioned in QST.  ARRL is satisfied with status quo and only plays lip service to antenna restrictions.  I can't believe, but not surprised, the article even had climate change mentioned.  The author however never made an argument on how climate change might effect the hobby of Amateur Radio.  Sorry in my old age I have become a cynic. I'm open to other viewpoints.  Just be gentle.


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