Re: 24/7 Endorsement Sprint

Bob Motyl KK6KMU



Here is my 24/7 endorsement sprint schedule. Anyone who wishes to join in and needs another time slot let me know and I will add it. My plan is to work PSK on 40 meters for thirty min. starting at 1100 UTC. Monday I need three time slots so I will be on as long as necessary. I have several volunteers who plan to help me with a QSO. Rick N7WE, Darin KO4EJD, Milt N6MG and Dave NU4N. The more the merrier. Remember 1100 UTC is 4:00 am Pacific, 5:00 am Mountain, 6:00 am Central and 7:00 am East. Thanks for all your support


24/7 Endorsement Sprint Schedule


Sunday, Oct 17 1100 -1130 UTC

Monday, Oct 18 1100-1330 UTC need 1100, 1200 and 1300 slots

Tuesday, Oct 19 1100-1130 UTC

Wednesday, Oct 20 1100-1130 UTC

Thursday, Oct 21 1100-1130 UTC

Friday, Oct 22 1100-1130 UTC

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