Special Event station advise


Good evening
I am looking for some Special Event station advise.  The W7Y Come and Get Wyoming event starts on the 7th and goes through the 18th.  While PSK is my first priority, I also want to get as many QSOs as possible for the event so I will be working multiple modes during the event.
My question is, when is the optimal hours to work PSK?  The event covers 2 weekends so my thinking is 2 hours each Saturday & Sunday which gives me 8 hours just for PSK.  With the brain trust of this group, which hours will give me the maximum results?

With that said, I doubt there will be many other guys running PSK so I can go rouge off the schedule and throw out some random CQ's from time to time and since my work load looks light during the event if someone wants the W7Y QSO or just needs WY I am more than happy to schedule something at other times.

Come on everyone, help me make this a great PSK event.  Any and all ideas are welcome.

Bill  N7RI

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