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Jerry N9AVY

Milt :

When KL7RF IDs with /8 is a dead giveaway he's not in Alaska.  

I usually use with FCC Database or QRZ to determine where these station are located.  Sometimes even use my own log.

I used the checker/software excuse to cover up the real reasons ... carelessness in log entries . Call it what you will. 

jerry  n9avy

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Jerry, it's an issue that we all have to be aware of.
It's not the fault of the software or log checker. How's the log checker supposed to know that Bill moved from AK to OH?
As Director of Awards & Endorsements, what criteria do you use to determine the QTH of a KL7 or KH6 callsign?

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Some of these stations are now in continental U.S.  such as KL7RF/8.   If anyone has submitted one of these for endorsements it will not count. It's either the fault of the checker or a software issue.  

Just wanted everyone to be aware of these endorsement problems. 

Jerry  N9AVY
Director of Awards & Endorsements 

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