Re: What mode on 7.070 at 22:41 UTC on 10/3/2021

Stephen KO4CVU


I appreciate the tips and will try to follow them.

I did finally get WSJT-X working and decoded a whole bunch of calls from US call signs to S9OK. After a quick check on, I learned that 10/3 was the first day that the S9OK Czech DX Pedition (to the island of São Tomé off the West Coast of Africa) would be setting up operations. Their schedule indicates that they will be operating FT8 on 7.071 until 10/15.

All I can figure is that I must have failed to see that my VFO had drifted to 7.071. I am running a uBITX v6 without CAT control so that would have been an easy mistake for me to make.

Thanks for taking time to respond.


Stephen, KO4CVU
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On Oct 5, 2021, at 6:53 AM, John Kirby <n3aaz_qrp_1@...> wrote:

   Hi Stephen es welcome

Couple tips re FT8 es FT4

Your PC clock must be set to  WWV  +/-  two seconds

Your SSB ALC must not go into hard clamping action, else max splatter es distortion ... IF so ... reduce audio drive ... use WSJT-X SLIDER or PC (audio  output) drop window... splatter ... overdrive distortion also applies to PSK 

72 73 74
QRPp^MAX  = 1W
070 1337 ... LONP 0349

Stephen, KO4CVU

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