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Steve -

Note that the intent of this "observation" is that since both Alaska and Hawaii are states and DXCC entities, they count as both for the purposes of the contest. This isn't really a special rule--it's acknowledging that our definition of "country" in SPC-based contests uses the DXCC definition of entity.

It isn't really biased towards west coast entries any more than the preponderance of DXCC entities in the Caribbean and Europe are biased towards east coast entries.

If/when either PR or VI becomes the 51st state, that observation will be updated to include it.


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I note:
First Alaska station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).
First Hawaii station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).
is nice for the west coast...
Maybe (next time, for ALL contests) add the east coast US islands PR + VI ??  to be fair?
73, steve WB3LGC

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We're a mainline contest !!!

PODXS 070 Club 160m Great Pumpkin Sprint, Oct 9, 2000z to Oct 10, 2000z; PSK31; Bands: 160m Only; RST + (state/province/country); Logs due: October 17.

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