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Scotty W7PSK

I was there Sept - Dec of  80 on a Detachment from FaireconRon 2 out of Rota.  I was VQ9RS.  Made close to 12K contacts

then and that was with Flying long long missions.  We would fly up to Iran do 4 hours then land in Oman, stay 2 days doing 12 hours then back to DG

Next run would be to Djibuti (Couldnt get a license there or Oman).  Bands were wide open all the time.  One Day I said I was going to work all the JAs because they were killing me.  I swung the

beam up and called.  8 hours later I quit.  My Manager (N6BLN and the Cal DX Club) said never do that again :).

Was a fun fun time.  I would do it again if I could

Scotty W7PSK

On 9/29/2021 8:10 PM, Jim K5SP wrote:

Jeremy, I was there in 76-77, was in tech control until they made me chief op of that shack for Mars. 

We had two complete Collins S-line stations, and a couple of Henry amps. Had a TH-6DX beam.  It was on my tour that we got that 90 foot tower and the log periodic installed. 

During my year the propagation was excellent. 15 meters was like being in the same room at night. 

Tom Dixon and I worked CQWW SSB from there, and I think my record score for 15m still stands.

Made Chief off that tour 

Jim K5SP 

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 10:00 PM, Jeremy Allen via
Steve, you missed the heyday of VQ9.  When I was there trying to work PSK31 in 2009 or so, I was using 50W to a LPA at 90 ft.  The VQ9X shack was located on the point behind the T-shirt shop and was a heck of a club station back in the day.  It's pretty much all gone now, with just the tower pad remaining.  When I worked RTTY, I fired up the amp and ran QRO with the same antenna.  For lower bands we had a V-beam and a 80M dipole as well.

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