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CO probably has TVI and that's why station was closed , hi, hi ~!

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Jeremy -

Yes, I did. My first trip here was in 2012, and the station had just closed. The shack was there as well as the LPA, but the shack had a "Closed by order of the CO" sign on its door.

Today the shack is gone and the LPA is gone. The tower is still there, though--a sad reminder of what used to be.


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Steve, you missed the heyday of VQ9.  When I was there trying to work PSK31 in 2009 or so, I was using 50W to a LPA at 90 ft.  The VQ9X shack was located on the point behind the T-shirt shop and was a heck of a club station back in the day.  It's pretty much all gone now, with just the tower pad remaining.  When I worked RTTY, I fired up the amp and ran QRO with the same antenna.  For lower bands we had a V-beam and a 80M dipole as well.

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