Re: Hmmm ?

F.R. Ashley

Hi Jeremy,

I took my rig to Saint Kitts last year and was only able to scare up 2
or 3 contacts on PSK... nobody would answer my CQ!!  Same with RTTY,
zero contacts.  FT8, also FT4 was a different story. So I used those
modes almost all of the time.

73 Buddy WB4M

On 9/28/2021 02:22 AM, Jeremy Allen via wrote:
I have tried to run PSK31 from fairly rare locations and it is very
frustrating.  Even running a kind of split operation never works too
well.  Two stations on top of each other means zero print.  At least
with BAUDOT RTTY, I see something that looks like a call sign.  It is
also 45 wpm instead of 30.  I tried running PSK31 from both ZD8 and
VQ9 but it only lasted a few minutes at a clip before the pileup
caused the decoder to shut down.  I switched to RTTY after that and
made quite a few contacts.

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