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Stephen Melachrinos

My experiences were similar to Jeremy's. 

My VQ9 operations were always difficult, and constrained more by power and signal strength rather than other operators. So I never had good run rates, but mostly because of propagation and not because of too many stations.

My KH2 ops were different. I was using a really nice club station with big antennas, so power wasn't a problem. In my case, I actually was pretty successful with split operation, using the "lock receive" function on DigiPan. I left the radio on simplex, and tuned my receive by clicking on the waterfall. I told them to call "100-200 up" and then selected the strong signals that looked clean (and thus not a jumble of QRM). I shift-clicked to decode the past 20 seconds on those clear stations. A quick double-click on the callsign and then a function key transmitted my reply to that station. Good macros would then acknowledge their transmission and "QRZ?" again to repeat. I was able to keep a rate of a little better than one QSO per minute when stations cooperated, though obviously less when people sent "regular" macros. I was pretty pleased with that rate. But I could rarely keep that rate running for more than ten minutes because I ran out of callers.


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I have tried to run PSK31 from fairly rare locations and it is very frustrating.  Even running a kind of split operation never works too well.  Two stations on top of each other means zero print.  At least with BAUDOT RTTY, I see something that looks like a call sign.  It is also 45 wpm instead of 30.  I tried running PSK31 from both ZD8 and VQ9 but it only lasted a few minutes at a clip before the pileup caused the decoder to shut down.  I switched to RTTY after that and made quite a few contacts.

I actually find that FT8 Q-rates are pretty low.  Each TX/RX iteration is 15 seconds, which seems to be an eternity, and it takes at least 3 cycles for a QSO.  I am not sure about FT4.  Faster CW and RTTY are much quicker, and SSB can be insanely fast given the right circumstances.  PSK31 exchanges can be quick as well if the correct sequence is followed and no one loads a long macro on you.  The inability to deal with QRM is the biggest issue with PSK31 for DX and contesting.  On the plus side, PSK31 is a very comfortable typing speed and great for rag chews at low power.  

That's my $0.02 at least.  73 Jeremy N1ZZZ

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