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Jerry N9AVY


Only ran 50 watts in RTTY test this weekend and made lots of contacts. 

What I noted was many DX stations I had worked on PSK31 from 2006 and on. They all jumped ship.

Many RTTY signal were marginal, but I worked them.

jerry  n9avy

On Monday, September 27, 2021, 10:14:18 AM CDT, Brian Wolf Leverich <leverich@...> wrote:

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 07:35:30PM +0000, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

> Been working the RTTY Contest this weekend and am surprised that 15/20m are
> open to Europe, Central/South America and Northern Africa.  Worked just
> about every DXCC in Europe. 
> So, why are the PSK bands so dead ??? I'm stumped on this one.  On RTTY I
> saw many call signs I've worked on PSK31 since 2006. Did they all go to RTTY
> and other modes.   Makes me wonder ???
> Just an observation from my little corner of the world...
> Jerry  N9AVY

Part of the problem is PSK31's lack of robustness with respect
to QRO.  With RTTY contesting or FT8 or whatnot there are gonna
be a bunch of DX and domestic stations running full legal, and
lots of folks running 100W.  And usually, one hopes, those
stations aren't alligators who are all mouth and tiny ears: the
big guns often have Beverages or share apexes or whatever so
they can hear weak signals.

A few hundred big guns can make the airwaves seem densely
populated during the contests.  But when we have a bunch of
us little pistols running 30W and without fancy RX antennas,
we just can't hear each other during the solar minimum.

My prediction is that we'll see a lot more PSK activity as
we get further into this solar cycle and the propagation gods
start making it possible to do real DX at QRP and near-QRP
power levels without fancy low-noise high-RDF RX antennas.

I remember the good old days only 7 or so years ago when us
sixers could see lots of PSK63 from EU on our watefalls ...

Cheers, Wolf (WA6I)

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