Re: Hmmm ?

Brian Wolf Leverich

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 07:35:30PM +0000, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

Been working the RTTY Contest this weekend and am surprised that 15/20m are
open to Europe, Central/South America and Northern Africa.  Worked just
about every DXCC in Europe. 

So, why are the PSK bands so dead ??? I'm stumped on this one.  On RTTY I
saw many call signs I've worked on PSK31 since 2006. Did they all go to RTTY
and other modes.   Makes me wonder ???

Just an observation from my little corner of the world...

Jerry  N9AVY

Part of the problem is PSK31's lack of robustness with respect
to QRO. With RTTY contesting or FT8 or whatnot there are gonna
be a bunch of DX and domestic stations running full legal, and
lots of folks running 100W. And usually, one hopes, those
stations aren't alligators who are all mouth and tiny ears: the
big guns often have Beverages or share apexes or whatever so
they can hear weak signals.

A few hundred big guns can make the airwaves seem densely
populated during the contests. But when we have a bunch of
us little pistols running 30W and without fancy RX antennas,
we just can't hear each other during the solar minimum.

My prediction is that we'll see a lot more PSK activity as
we get further into this solar cycle and the propagation gods
start making it possible to do real DX at QRP and near-QRP
power levels without fancy low-noise high-RDF RX antennas.

I remember the good old days only 7 or so years ago when us
sixers could see lots of PSK63 from EU on our watefalls ...

Cheers, Wolf (WA6I)

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